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The Problem


Percentage black rhino population has decreased since 1960.

At current poaching rates, elephants and rhinos will go extinct in our lifetime. The black rhino population alone has decreased 97.6% since 1960. Poaching is utterly ravaging the elephant and rhino populations of sub-Saharan Africa. Up to 40,000 African elephants were killed last year alone.

Organizations are facing many roadblocks.

Animals roam across huge distances and are hard to monitor


Data is messy and unstructured, making it difficult to extract insights


Human error and poacher infiltration issues corrupt the information being utilized

How we help

Anti Poaching Rhinos

Across the vast sub-Saharan African savannah, elephants and rhinos roam at will, constantly vulnerable to poachers.

Those who protect these animals scramble to monitor their paths at all hours of the day, holed up in vans to analyze drone footage and document sightings on paper reports.

Trends and findings need to be tracked in a clean, structured way to allow them to be communicated from shift to shift and shared between organizations. The sharing of updated animal location information in real time would help rangers save more animals.

Uptake is building a suite of tools that combine this data with cutting-edge predictive analytics to generate insights, such as animal activity patterns. Combined with weather and trend data, this knowledge helps organizations plan better patrol routes for rangers and drones.

Advantages of the Conservation Tool

Promotes Knowledge Sharing

A single, simple open data standard for poaching and animal location information will facilitate better inter-agency data sharing.


Better Flight Paths and Patrol Zones

A planning function supported by our predictive analytics can create better drone flight paths to monitor animal and poaching activities.


Drone Video Analysis

Our tool will be able to ingest video data and perform auto-classifications of humans and animals to enable rangers to catch poachers in real time.


Data Standards

for tracking poaching events and animal locations.

End of 2017 Goals

  • Launch a data standard for tracking poaching events and animal locations.
  • Develop a video analysis tool to auto-encode data from drones flying in sub-Saharan African parks.
  • Increase the amount of high-quality, structured data available in order to develop better predictive tools.
  • Host a data-sharing summit in South Africa with our partners to promote data standardization and to build trust and momentum in data sharing.